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Environmental Management Systems


Development, support and ongoing maintenance of Environmental Management systems, many meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001, in numerous companies in varied business sectors including cement manufacture, veterinary pharmaceutical R&D and production, waste management (WEEE reprocessing, HWRC, TS, MRF, Landfill and operation of transport fleet), cross channel operator, corporate offices, 1st tier automotive component supplier and clinical waste incineration.


Worked with clients to vary or surrender environmental permits as operations changed or ceased.


For ten years I conducted a large proportion of the internal compliance audits for a major UK waste management company. One multi site part of the company had a contractual requirement for BS EN ISO 9001 in addition to the corporate EMS, I developed the quality system with the management team and was involved in the rolling out of the system across the various sites. During the 10 years I also assisted the company in the implementation of the documented management system at some of their new sites. In excess of 50 sites, including the 2 regional head offices, hold registrations to BS EN ISO 14001.